Delivery Options

Delivery Options for Appliances at Big Bear Big Kmart

“Do you deliver?”


“Can I Pick It Up Here at Kmart?”

Yes, we deliver.

Yes, you can pick it up here.

Yes, you can take it home today.

Yes, we can schedule an installation.

“Is there a delivery charge?”

“Can I get it delivered today?”

The questions seem endless, and there are also a number of misconceptions about our delivery options.

To help resolve some of the possible confusion, I’ll give a brief summary here of the options available, then provide more detail on the related information pages. (coming soon)

We have four basic delivery options:

Two of the options feature delivery to your home, for the other two you will need to provide your own delivery vehicle.

  • Home Delivery and hook-up
    • Our deliveries all come “up the hill” from the Sears Delivery Center in Ontario.
    • Available delivery dates vary – they will be scheduled at the register.
    • We can’t schedule the delivery time – that is determined by the Delivery Center.
    • The Delivery Center will call the night before the delivery with a 2 hour delivery time “window.”
    • Standard Delivery cost for areas in and around Big Bear is $89.99 (for the total delivery – not per item)
    • Weekend Delivery is an extra $10.00.
    • Haul-Away is $30.00 – they will haul away one item for each like item you order.
    • Some appliances (such as dishwashers) will not be hooked up by Sears Delivery.
    • Hookup for some appliances requires the purchase of a hook-up kit.
    • Gas Appliances (natural gas) will be hooked up with the purchase of a hook-up kit and a $19.99 hook-up charge.
    • Propane appliances cannot be connected by Sears (check with your propane provider).
  • Sears Installation (picked up by the installer)
    • Sears Installation includes the delivery charge, but must be scheduled by the installer.
    • Some appliances (such as dishwashers) will not be hooked up by Sears Delivery and will need installation.
  • “Take It Home Today”
    • We have NO delivery from the Kmart store itself – you will need to provide your own vehicle.
    • Available for items displaying the yellow “Take It Home Today” sticker.
  • Customer Order and Pick-Up at Kmart
    • We have NO delivery from the Kmart store itself – you will need to provide your own vehicle.
    • There is NO CHARGE for having appliances delivered to Kmart for customer pick-up.
    • It can take up to 2 weeks for items to arrive at the store.
    • Available for all appliances that are in-stock at the warehouse.
  • Layaway for Appliances
    • The Layaway program is now available for appliances.
    • There is $5.00 layaway initial fee added to your purchase cost, but no interest charges.
    • A 20% deposit is required to start your layaway (20% of the total amount, including tax and other fees).
    • A minimum of 25% of the original after-deposit balance must be paid every two (2) weeks.
    • Payments may be made more frequently than every two weeks, but the minimum amount is still due at the (two week) due dates.
    • Your final payment must be made at or before the 8th week final payment date.
    • All payments must be made at the Home Appliance register.
    • If you fail to make a minimum payment by the due date (the computer is allowing NO grace period), the layaway will be canceled and a $15 cancellation fee will be applied.
    • Actual delivery days or in-store pickup orders will not be scheduled until the final payment is made.
    • Certain appliances cannot be placed on layaway. These include, but are not limited to: closeouts, floor displays, discontinued items (price ending in .88) and certain brands.

We will take the appliances out to the loading area at the front of the store and load the appliance in your truck or trailer for all “Take It Home Today” and “Customer Pick-Up” orders.

Brian Edmundson, the “Big Bear Appliance Guy”